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Our anticellulite products line is the only made of soft natural cotton, can be worn every day in every moment of the day and versatile in every occasion: from sports to leisure, under clothing or as complementary fashion. Excellent remedy for cellulite SLIMTAF gives sinuous and remodeled legs, improves firmness and elasticity, giving relief to the feeling of heaviness and tiredness.

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A slimming product unique and innovative, thanks to the TAF asset, developed, tested and certified by specialized laboratories. The legs appear immediately younger, softer and smoother. The moisturizing effect also acts on the feet leaving them soft to the touch.

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The action does not end with the use, but can be reactivated easily by recharging the tights after 3 washes with the convenient single-sachets included in the box. Air dry away from heat We recommend charging the product immediately after the first use and then every 3 washes. A unique and enveloping experience like a soft and durable embrace, which you can no longer do without.

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